I once worked as a Community Services Officer assisting Law Enforcement Officers.  I have written short stories of life based on my experiences in that area modifying the names and some of the circumstances to protect all of the parties.  I dropped out of college to join the Air Force in 1951 during the Korean War and included short stories of my military service.  I served 39 months over seas in war torn Europe.  Additionally I have written short stories of life about substance abuse recovery.  Included is music that I wrote about life as I lived it.

I started writing because I wanted to stimulate people into becoming more empathetic to the lives of others through romantic and challenging poetry. I want to speak up for the underdog.  At times that is best expressed in romantic or challenging poetry eithther as rhyming or free-style while in other instances a short life story best expresses what I have observed or experienced.


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This plaque was presented to me by the Deputies I worked with at a surprise luncheon at the local pizza parlor.  Their acceptance as one of their own meant more to me than any other award I received.  Just after I had completed my training and was on my own a Deputy had asked me to leave the area so he could discuss a situation with another deputy.  This same deputy was at the pizza parlor and said if begging would make you change your mind and make you stay I'm begging.  YES this is an important recognition!!